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$5,000 IN ONE HOUR!!

"Within one hour after listening to the audio in the first email one of my regional managers reported a savings of $5,000 on a contract he was working on.  Another reported an increase in gross profit of $1,800, ALSO WITHIN AN HOUR AFTER LISTENING TO THE AUDIO IN THE FIRST EMAIL!"

If you are a sales manager use this to coach and train your team

There is no better program to bring your new sales people up to speed in record time. And there is no program available that will move your veterans out of their comfort zone.  Let me help you take advantage of the surging economy and capture your share of the business.  If you would like to become a sales manager this course will make it happen.

The first email will give you a 50 to 1 return on your investment

Sign up today and receive the 17 audio files from a live seminar.  Once you see the value, contact me about putting your entire sales team through the training.

Smartphone friendly

The course can be completed on your smartphone in 3 minutes a day.


These principles have been tested

It took over 7 years to create the original program.  Interviews with 507 professional purchasing managers and 3,759 small business owners were conducted to discover how they made their buying decisions. Their annual purchasing responsibilities ranged from $500,000 to more than half a billion dollars.

Thousands of live presentations

Companies who have invested in the seminar reported sales and gross profit increases ranging from 20% to more than 100%!  The results from this training will show your sales team how to close more sales, increase profits, open new accounts, write better contracts, find more customers and be more productive.

These principles have been presented thousands of times for some of the largest companies in the country.

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You or your sales team will learn...

~ How to differentiate yourself

~ Why you lose business

~ How to open new accounts

~ Increase the value of every product

~ Increase your add-on sales by 50%

~ What customers base their decisions on

~ What your customers will pay more for

~ Why you will be replaced by a competitor

~ Make it difficult to ask for a discount

~ Seven words that will make you thousands

~ A secret Abraham Lincoln used to win every case

~ Thomas Edison’s secret strategy

Each sales person receives a certificate when finished...


Thousands have changed the way they view sales...

Your sales team will be sending testimonials like these...

"Since I started using this information my sales have doubled.”  Michelle Rider, Macon, Georgia

"More than anything else in my 33 years of sales, it adjusted my thinking."  Jerry Seaver, Tulsa, OK

“The course is awesome and I look forward to making calls!”  Dee Anderson, Batesville, AR

"Makes selling seem easy."  Roan Theron, South Africa

"Beneficial to all salespeople, seasoned or rookies."  Pat Martin

"These lessons are priceless."  Kirk Ellis

Here's what's included in this master sales course:

I will send you an email every weekday for 18 weeks.  Each email will include 3 links.

Your investment is only $90 for the entire 18 weeks!  Sign up now and you can test it for yourself.   Or contact me if you would like to get your entire sales team started:  contact

PS:  You can also purchase the entire course in these 3 books or ebooks.

 a more confident sales person negotiating your best price master the art and science of selling

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