Pork General Information


Where do the various pork cuts come from?

How does the pork market work?

What is the pork checkoff?

What are offalls such as chitterlings?

How is pork graded? 

Why is pork sometimes inconsistent?

How long has pork been around?

How much pork is consumed in America?

Are antibotics used in pork?

What foodborne organisms are in pork?

What is the dating/shelf life of Pork?





Why is pork a "red" meat?

Does the reproduction cycle effect pork pricing?

What is the difference between fresh and cured pork?

Is irradiation approved for fresh pork?

How do you safely defrost and cook fresh pork?

What does "natural pork" mean?

How does the food conversion ratio effect price?

What is organic pork?

Can wild hogs be served in a restaurant?

Where does the name "Boston Butt" come from?