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Beef General Information



What is Boxed Beef?

What is a “Split”?

What is a “Portion Cut”?

Why do some beef cuts go up while others go down?

What meats are USDA inspected?

What is meant by the yield grade on beef?

What is the difference between a no roll and a select?

Which breed of cattle would be the best quality?

What happens during the aging process?

What does a typical distributor order sheet look like?

How much does aging meat improve the quality?

What 5 cuts make up 90% of foodservice beef?

Why Is it Called A "Gooseneck?”

What are the advantages of vacuum packaging beef?

What does it mean when someone referrs to "green meat?"

What is a "New England Tender?"

When the cattle market goes up or down why arn't my prices effected?

How much money is being spent on meat and poultry inspection?

At what point do you put boxed beef in the freezer?

Should a customer ever buy a whole steer, also know as a cattle pack?

Is it safe to eat roast beef cooked "rare?"

What is “Naturally raised meat”?

Why is it so difficult to buy a good steak in a supermarket?

Where did some of the various steaks get their names?

What exactly does the term 85/15 or 80/20 refer to?

Where does the bacteria in ground beef come from?

Why does ground meat have to be cooked at a higher temp than 140?

Under what conditions does bacteria grow in ground beef?

Why is the hamburger I buy at the grocery store sometimes gray?

What is the USDA Daily Meat Report

What is a "Beef Branded Program"?