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Everything a foodservice distributor sales person needs to build a $10,000,000 territory or a highly successful restaurant consulting business.

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This one-of-a-kind advanced course for foodservice professionals has increased the sales and income of every person completing the program!  It has never been easier to give yourself a pay rase or land a great job! 

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"Mr Oros, I would sincerly like to thank you for creating your sales program. I have totally embraced your selling methods and have created a whirlwind of sales with the confidence I have gained. I have opened up 5 new accounts in the last 3 weeks. Each account is an A account generating a minimum of $2,000 a week and as much as $8,000 a week. Needless to say I have been noticed by upper management. I just recently placed second in a division focus sale on bacon. The average territory manager sold 100% of their goal. I was second in our division with a whooping 400%. ALL BECAUSE OF YOUR SALES COURSE!! Thanks for your training."
Sven Levister, Distributor Sales Rep, US Foodservice

Hello Future High Earning Foodservice Professional,

My name is Bob Oros, President and Founder of FSD Marketing, Inc, a company dedicated to helping you succeed as a foodservice professional.  Since 1992 I have been helping people, just like you, accelerate their careers and increase their income.

Why should you follow my advice?

As a veteran with 35 years in the foodservice industry I have trained over 25,000 sales people for 1,000+ companies, which makes me uniquely qualified to help you create a successful career as a foodservice sales professional or restaurant consultant.

There is a shortage of qualified restaurant consultants.   These uniquely trained individuals are needed to help the many people who are dreaming about starting their restaurant but unable to find someone interested in their success.  That's where you come in!

When the topic of foodservice is brought up most people think of working in a restaurant.  However, there is a huge industry exceeding 200 billion dollars per year that supply not only restaurants, but 27 segments of the foodservice industry.  This huge, yet little known industry has a sales force of more than 75,000 and is growing faster than the industry's ability to hire and train new sales people. But you need this specialize knowledge to open the door.

This course includes 6 manuals with over 600 pages of content, over 10 hours of audio download including live seminars - plus 4 PDF workbooks you can download RIGHT NOW to look over at no cost or obligation!

The industry includes nearly 20,000 foodservice distribution and manufacturing companies.

Full line distributors
Meat distributors
Poultry distributors
Seafood distributors
Produce distributors
C-store distributors
Retail store distributors
Food brokers

Food manufacturers
Pizza distributors
Bakery distributors
Deil distributors
Dairy distributors
Specialty distributors
...plus dozens more.

In addition to distributor sales people there is a large network of food brokers, manufacturers, and dozens associations that support the industry.

Regardless of whether you are new to the business or a seasoned veteran, this course will help you make more money!

Restaurant Consulting

There is also a huge opportunity to become a highly paid restaurant consultant.  Armed with this inside information you can set up a client base of 15 to 20 restaurants and visit their operation monthly to review their business.  You can also select 16 non-competing restaurants, offer to become their "Marketing Manager" and, using the marketing techniques in the course, make more residule income in 2 days than most people make in a month.  You will learn how to promote these restaurants and create more customer visits than they ever thought possible.

Once you read the 100 restaurant interviews I personally conducted over the last 3 years and learn their personal "Keys to Success" in their restaurant, your self confidence will skyrocket.

If you believe you have what it takes and are willing to put in the work, I can help you become a highly paid professional in the foodservice industry. 

Restaurant Owner... 

If you ever thought of becoming a restaurant owner, there is NOTHING that will prepare you for success in the business better than this Master Foodservice Sales Course!

You need an edge...

If you simply walk into a foodservice distributor and ask to apply for a sales job, your chances of getting past first base are slim.  Most jobs come from the inside.  Education and previous experience are not necessarily deciding factors. 

If you walk into a restaurant after taking this course your confidence will be so high because you will be in position to offer strategies and techniques that will really help their business.

I have the only foodservice sales course in the industry. This course is being used by hundreds of companies to train their new sales people and bring them up to speed in record time. The inside information you will learn in this course in not available from any other source at ANY price.  This information will cut two years off your learning curve and get you up to speed starting from day one.

Here's what Melissa Waterbury, RD, said about the course...

"I am a well polished professional, college graduate, culinary trained chef and dietitian. The course normally takes 90 days however, I was able to complete it in 36 days because there was so much interesting information. The audio made me feel as if Bob himself was talking just to me. Everyday I gained additional confidence to talk with my customers.   Thanks for a great start in my new sales career."

The course goes step-by-step through 14 stages:

1. Adjust your attitude to one of service.

2. Learn to deal with price objections.

3. Learn to systemize your selling activities.

4. Learn to select accounts and organize your territory.

5. Learn how to handle receivables and collections.

6. Learn to prioritize your activities.

7. Understand the 27 foodservice segments.

8. Discover how food cost is determined.

9. Learn the importance of food safety.

10. Help customers market their restaurant.

11. Help customers keep their staff motivated.

12.  Analyze a menu and suggest improvements.

13. 10 case studies of successful chain restaurants.

14. Center of the plate - all 10 categories.

This course will put you in the top 20% of all DSRs in the industry.

One graduate said "The course is like dry aged beef, all the flavor is concentrated!"

Another graduate said "It’s like training on steroids!"

And another said she listened to the audio files and "It’s like a super ride-with."

Craig Bolesky said he would be happy to pay $1,500 for the information in this valuable resource!

Even 20 year veterans are taking the course to recharge their lost enthusiasm!

Nothing has been left out...

~ Advanced selling skills
~ Negotiate higher profits
~ Overcome objections
~ Be more productive
~ Increasing order size
~ Sell at higher prices
~ Credit and collections
~ Close more sales
~ Open new accounts
~ Build a bigger territory
~ Sell like a consultant
~ Lower food & labor cost
~ Develop profitable menus
~ Help customer marketing
~ Independent consulting

Plus much , much more...

If you are willing to invest 30 minutes of study per day for 90 to 120 days, you will blow the lid off your sales and your confidence will skyrocket!

"Excellent, comprehensive guide to the industry as seen through the eyes of a veteran. A great program for the novice as well as the seasoned professional. I learned more in the two months with your course than I did after 4 years in sales."

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Frank Iessi, DSR, North Carolina

This course will show you how to get past these objections that cause most DSRs to quit. 

We’ve been doing all right without you.

I’m tied up in a supplier contract.

You don’t carry the items I need.

I’m not interested in anything new.

See me in a couple of months.

I am not talking to anyone right now.

I have to run that by the owner.

I don’t care about anything but price.

I want a volume discount on this order.

I am SHOCKED at your high price.

It would be too much work to change.

I need a discount on the first order.

I'm too busy to talk to you right now.

I'm buying from a friend.

There are 27 objections... Once you know how to deal with them sales and confidence will skyrocket!

"BECAUSE OF YOUR FOODSERVICE SALES COURSE I have opened up 5 new accounts in the last 3 weeks. Each account is an "A" account generating a minimum of $2,000 a week and as much as $8,000 a week. I recently placed second in a division focus sale on bacon with a whooping 400% of my goal. I have totally embraced your selling methods and have created a whirlwind of sales with my new found confidence. I would sincerely like to thank you for creating this extremely valuable course."

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Zeb Levister, Distributor Sales Rep

100 Restaurant Interviews...

This pdf book has 100 recently conducted interviews with independent restuarant owners revealing their keys to success in the business. 

These restaurant interviews will give you the confidence to talk with owners and managers using their own "language".  You will have information straight from the people who are successful in the business.

This book alone is worth the price of the course! 

Increase the size of every order

Over 50% of a restaurant’s food cost is meat, "center of the plate." This manual will show you how to become the most valuable person calling on your customers!

Complete details below...

This 100 page pdf book is part of the course.  It includes information not available from anyone at any price.

Includes a complete audio of a live COP seminar. "COP online" is included.

Build a six million dollar territory

You will learn how to set your sights on a 10 million dollar territory, how to sell every category, hundreds of veteran sales people will share their secrets about staying motivated and keeping your receivables current, plus much, much more.

Complete list below...

This is a 100 page pdf book and is filled with information that would take you a lifetime in the business to learn on your own.

Increase sales earn more profits

Designed for distributor sales people who are selling the same products sold by their competitors with price being one of the key issues.

Complete details below...

This is a 100 page pdf book you will receive as part of the course.

Includes a complete, word for word audio of this entire book so you can review the information while driving.

Be worth at least $2,000 per day

You will be able to show your customers how to motivate their staff, identify and market their sizzle, save thousands on their food cost, beef up their menu, run a safer operation, and implement the steps to success.

Complete details below...

This is a 100 page pdfbook you will receive via FedEx as part of the course.

Includes audio of two live seminars recorded at a foodservice convention in Las Vegas.

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 Regular price is $397.  Special price is $197.


Not sure if this is right for you?

Click here for a pdf of the companies that have hired me...

This Foodservice Consultant manual was given the "acid test" with real restaurant operators who were having serious problems - and it passed with flying colors.

The manual was first designed as a seminar for restaurant operators.  Before offering it as part of the course I wanted to make sure it would pass the test in real life situations. I have presented it at food shows in various parts of the country with huge success and great feedback as well as one-on-one consulting jobs.

For example: A woman who was previously a United States District Judge, opened a restaurant and was having a difficult time making it work. After the seminar she said it was the most helpful information she has come across in all of the research she did prior to opening her business. She said that if she had this simple formula before starting her restaurant she would have saved hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

Another restaurant owner in North Kansas was about to close her doors. She came to the food show and looked me up prior to my seminar. She was in tears as she said she was about to lose her restaurant due to declining sales and increasing costs. She asked for my help and we sat down together for about an hour. We went over the formula in the  seminar and came up with a plan that not only gave her the ideas she needed to increase her customer count and check size, but also how to lower her rent, lower her food cost and lower her labor cost. She went back fully armed with the information and plan to turn her business around and start enjoying being a restaurant owner again.

Another restaurant in Kansas had two owners who attended the seminar. They were two of the restaurant's wait staff and recently bought the business. They didn't have any idea about how to run their newly bought restaurant and it was even more obvious by the questions they asked during the workshop. I told them they needed to stay after the seminar and get some additional help. In less than an hour (and a yellow pad full of notes) they felt fully confident about how to operate their business.

In Knoxville a restaurant owner drove 3 hours for the sole purpose of attending the seminar. He and I continued our conversation after the seminar and he said one of the ideas about scheduling alone will save him thousands of dollars a year and will return him 100 times the cost of the trip.

In Cleveland a restaurant owner attended the seminar and sent me the following email: "If people attended your seminar and took away just one of your many good ideas, they would make more money than any purchasing savings they might gain at the food show!"

Here's more.....

An empty plate...

Many restaurant owners believe that low food cost is the key to their success, yet on a $10.00 menu item the cost to put out an empty plate without any food on it is more than $7.00. How can you better control those $7.00?

Control labor cost...

There is a simple formula that will show you how to zero in on your labor cost and be able to maintain your cost at any percentage you want. 

A huge mistake...

After visiting several thousand restaurants nearly all of them made this huge mistake with some of the delivery drivers that ended up costing thousands of dollars year after year.

A clever idea...

A very clever idea a successful chain restaurant uses that could end up saving you thousands on your food cost.

How employees take cash...

Employee theft has always been a huge problem with independent restaurants, however, 80% of your losses come from only 5 employee theft techniques.

Cost of waste...

By using a certain example you can learn a new way of looking at the amount of money your shrink and waste actually costs you over the course of a year.

Portion control examples...

You are already talking to you about portion control , however, by reading these examples you will really know the facts.

No specials...

One restaurant operator in St Louis was so impressed with the concept of selling features that he said he was able to pay for a new condo he and his wife had purchased on the Gulf Coast.

Saved $44,272...

An example of how one small restaurant save $44,272 by applying five simple ideas that were so effective they completely turned the restaurant into a profitable operation.

Unethical competitors...

You need to know that there are some companies in our industry that are programming their computers to create an unfair profit and unfair selling advantage and it is costing YOU money.

27 segments...

There are 27 different end user segments in the industry and each one has special needs and requirements. Without this knowledge you may be competing with the wrong competitor.

A restaurant in Japan...

How one restaurant in Japan was able to drastically reduce the amount of time it took to turn their tables and triple their income.

A simple name change...

An example of how a restaurant made a simple name change and was able to attract hundreds of new customers and keep all their regular customers, after recovering from bankruptcy.

Signature item...

A restaurant in California was able to build a very successful restaurant by focusing their menu on a very unusual and unique signature item.

National fame...

How a restaurant in Texas was able to attract a huge amount of attention and bring in business from all over the country.

The entertainment business...

Recognizing that the restaurant business is also the entertainment business, a restaurant in Missouri was able to go from a small family operation to sales exceeding $15,000,000 in three locations.

Name change...

How a failed restaurant owner went broke, only to make a huge comeback using a highly unlikely reason for people to eat at his newly established concept.

Cut labor cost...

How an idea discovered in North Platte, Nebraska, was used by several restaurants and cut their labor cost in half!

Sell more desserts...

A unique way of selling desserts that makes it not only appealing to the customer but extremely easy for the wait staff person to make the presentation.

Outsell the competition...

A steak house in a small town has been able to draw crowds of customers from the surrounding cities which have a lot of competition by using this clever marketing concept.

A unique delivery...

How a restaurant in Memphis is able to keep their restaurant full by using a little known secret that was able to get business from all the nearby campgrounds.

It takes more than money...

Why two huge restaurants, with unlimited resources, went out of business because they both made this common mistake that you could easily make.

Amazing promoter...

How the most famous and well known promoter in the entire history of the restaurant industry used a simple key to promote his successful chain of restaurants.

Marketing that works...

When you complain that business is down there are 26 marketing ideas that will immediately fill the dining room.

Inside marketing...

There are 19 things you can do inside your restaurant that will bring customers back again and again.

Business killing headlines...
A business-killing headline such as "Two Die From Eating Stuffed Ham In Local Deli" or "Party of 20 Get Sick Eating Roast Beef" will put you out of business in a heartbeat - you must know the single cause of all food-borne illness and how to avoid it. Print this section and have every employee read and sign it.

Buffet cost...

How restaurants with a buffet and a menu can figure the exact cost of each customer who eats from the buffet.

Left over food...

How customers can turn left-over food such as French toast, fish, baked desserts, and pizza, into profit making menu items.

Double the menu size...

How one simple concept can double the size of your menu while adding only a few additional inventory items.

Menu pricing...

Which of the five methods of menu pricing are the most effective and which of the five methods should you be using.

Pricing strategy...

By using a special pricing strategy a restaurant in Northern Maine was able to keep steady customers during the slow winter months.

Time limit...

What is the maximum length of time it should take to prepare and serve a menu item?

Biggest mistakes...

What is one of the biggest menu mistakes a restaurant manager allows to happen when hiring a new chef?

Menu design...

Many restaurant owners overlook this simple concept with their menu and upset an unbelievable number of customers who never complain, but never come back.

New menu items...

Customer surveys reveal that a certain percentage of the menu should never change while a certain percentage should constantly be changing.

An important ingredient...

Leave this important and interesting fact off the menu and you are missing out on a great marketing opportunity.


The menu also doubles as a sales presentation and by using this powerful theory of menu design, the sales message will be twice as powerful.

Incentive programs...

Why nearly all of the employee motivation and incentive programs that are used by restaurant owners fail to produce any results and how you can help them make the necessary changes.

Only four reasons... 

There are only four basic reasons why people eat out and knowing what they are puts you in a position to position yourself in your unique market.

Only three reasons...

There are only three reasons people use to base their decision about where to eat out and knowing this will help you know where to focus your marketing.

"Thanks for your GREAT course. Since starting in April, my sales have grown substantially each month. In the month of August they were up 18% over the previous year (the first month after completing the course). I am still excited to call on my customers every day because I know that I am knowledgeable and there is very little that can stop me from being the best sales person that has ever called on them. Thank you again and I am very excited to meet you at our January meeting."
Kevin Harpham


Here's why center of the plate knowledge is so important...

Let's call on a few restaurants:
You call on a BBQ restaurant.   You need to know why a pork butt is called a "Boston" butt.  What is the difference between a back rib, a spare rib and St Louis rib.
You call on steak house.  You need to know the difference between a yield grade 2 and a yield grade 3 and how it effects their food cost.  You need to know all the benefits of a branded program.
You call on a pizza shop.  You need to know the cost difference between the different slice counts on pepperoni, the benefits of precooked toppings vs. cooking their own.
You call on a nursing home.  You need to know why a 22/26 slice count bacon will save them over $500 a year if they are using an 18/22 slice count.
You go to a seafood restaurant.   You need to know what causes "mushy" fillets, how much breading is on the shrimp you are selling and what causes "belly burn."
You call on a deli.   You need to know the difference between hard salami and Genoa salami, what "cotto" salami is and how much water is in the ham you are selling.
Here are 5 more reasons center of the plate is so important:

1  Over 50% of your customers food cost is center of the plate.
Most operators build their reputation on their center of the plate theme.  Steak House, BBQ, Seafood, Chicken, etc.
2  In every 40 accounts there is between 3 and 6 million dollars in center of the plate products being purchased.
3  For every case of green beans purchased, which contains 120 portions, there are 120 portions of meat also being purchased, usually at 10 times the gross profit dollars.
4  Many sales people shy away from selling center of the plate and miss out on many opportunities.
5  To be a primary supplier for any foodservice operator you must have their center of the plate business.
Following are the 10 categories covered in the Center of the Plate section of the course...

Boxed Beef
1 Why do some beef cuts go up while other go down?
2 What meats are not required to be USDA inspected?
3 The percent of difference between a 3/4 and 4/5 yield?
4 Is the yield grade required on boxed beef products?
5 How do the Branded Beef programs get higher prices?
6 How many grades of USDA Choice are there?
7 Which is a better product; a no roll or a select?
8 What happens during the aging process?
9 What 5 cuts make up 90% of foodservice beef?
10 What does it cost an operator to cut their own meats?

Portion Cut Steaks
11 What are eight advantages of portion cut steaks?
12 What is the yield on a 20 lb cooked inside?
13 How do you determine the cost of an 8 oz rib eye steak?
14 How do you determine the cost of an 8 oz top butt?
15 How do you determine the cost of an 8 oz NY strip?
16 Does P S M O mean Peeled Side Muscle Off or On?
17 Is a USDA Select tender as good as a USDA Choice?
18 Why should you avoid market pricing a menu?
19 What is a good portion size for a lunch steak?
20 Are properly frozen steaks as good as fresh?
21 Difference between a ground beef & pure beef patty?
22 How does PDCB & PDBT effect ground beef prices?
23 What temperature does ground beef have to be cooked?
24 Under what conditions can you eat a rare steak?

Fresh pork
25 How are your pork prices determined?
26 How does the changing pork market effect prices?
27 How much should a true baby back rib weigh?
28 The difference between a spare rib & St Louis rib?

29 What are the best quality hams made from?
30 What is a tumbler used for when processing hams?
31 How can you tell the quality level of a ham?
32 The price difference between 29% and 25% ham?
33 The difference between a flat and a buffet ham?

34 What is the difference between # 1 and # 2 bacon?
35 How can you have better quality bacon & lower cost ?
36 What is a good way to save money on bacon?
37 What is the best bacon for a nursing home?
38 What is the best way to sell precooked bacon?
39 The difference between round bacon & Canadian?
40 Difference between Canadian and Canadian style bacon?

41 How did the different types of sausages get their names?
42 The difference between Genoa and hard salami?
43 How much profit from selling 200 hot dogs per day?
44 How much profit selling 250 deli sandwiches per day?
45 How is whole hog sausage processed?
46 What does the term trimming sausage refer to?
47 Difference between pure pork and breakfast sausage?

48 The difference between an A & B grade chicken?
49 Is there any difference between a wog and a shell?
50 How important is portion control on a chicken breast?
51 How can you get 1 free chicken with each 5 you buy?

52 What factors determine the value of turkey breast?
53 Where is a good place to sell turkey lunch meats?

54 What does the term Aquaculture refer to?
55 What parasites are found in fresh fish?
56 What does the term Belly Burn refer to?
57 What is sodium tripollyphosphate used for?
58 What causes a fish fillet to fall apart on the grill?
59 What is glaze used for when processing seafood?
60 What does the term ratpaking mean?
61 What causes fish fillets to be mushy when cooked?
62 How much breading is allowed on seafood products?
63 How is a pressed weight test done on canned tuna?
64 What is the yield on green headless shrimp?
65 What does the term scrod refer to?
66 What does the term surimi refer to?
67 What cost more a shank or regular fillet?
68 What is the difference between a flat and a round fish?
69 What has more value a troll or net caught salmon?
70 What is a 25% water added scallop product?
71 What are the chances of getting sick on seafood?
72 Why are king crabs always sold precooked?

73 Why is imported lamb less expensive than domestic?
74 What are the three classifications of veal?
75 What is a product called Foie Gras?
76 Can you put antelope on the menu as venison?
77 Is there an increasing demand for Ostrich and Alligator?


The sales section of the course will teach you how to sell, service and negotiate with chefs and restaurant owners. 

The principles in this book were tested by 4,838 sales people

I uncovered these principles the old fashioned way.  Hard work.  I conducted personal interviews with 507 professional buyers and 3,759 restaurant owners and uncovered 90 REASONS why they bought from certain sales people, or what they did to get a sales person to lower their prices.  The results were then tested online by 4,838 sales people from all 50 states to prove these findings would produce results.

Step by step instructions

You will learn step by step, how to increase your gross profit starting immediately.  These principles have been presented more than 2,000 times with specific and measurable results.

Here's what's covered in the sales section of the course...

1   How to add value to every product you sell.

2  How to make yourself more trustworthy and believable when presenting your products.

3   The one single response you can use to stop the customer in their tracks when they are shocked at your price.

4   How to make your presentation when you are unable to talk to the decision maker.

5   How to set up your presentation so it will be very difficult for the customer to ask for a discount.

6   A seven word phrase that when used correctly will make you and save you more money than you ever thought possible.

7   The secret Abraham Lincoln used that enabled him to overcome every objection and win nearly every case.

8   One simple word that will position you and your customer against your competition.

9   Thomas Edison used this strategy to get five times more for an invention he was selling.

10   If everyone is always beating you up on price you are making this common mistake.

11   By making one small change in the way you present new products you will increase your add on sales by 50%.

12   One technique you can use when giving a price reduction that can actually increase your gross profit.

13   A technique used by price buyers that can drastically cut your gross profit if you are caught off guard.

14   How to avoid falling into the trap when a customer brackets your price.

15   What is the single most important premise a customer bases their decisions on?

16  A powerful management principle everyone uses that can help you sell even the toughest customers.

17   How a small change in focus can make your customers more friendly and receptive to your ideas.

18  How to use a technique that Thomas Edison used to sell every one of his inventions.

19   A year long study with 100 companies revealed an extremely valuable skill all their top sales people were using resulting in huge sales.

20  How do you get customers to change when they can get the exact same quality, service and price from a competitor?

21  How do you set up your presentation so customers always go with you over a competitor?

More powerful strategies you will learn:

Differentiate yourself
Most of the products you sell are also sold by your competitors.  The same manufacturer, the same package and even the same cost.  How can you differentiate yourself and do it in a way that will not cut your gross profit?

Why you lose business
It is a fact that you will lose 25% of your customers every year.  Just think of how much more successful and profitable your company would be if it was able to drastically reduce this number. It’s easy if you know the real reason your customers switch to a competitor.

Open new accounts
New accounts is one of the fastest ways to increase your sales.  However, nearly all new account calls are done using the wrong process.  You will learn how easy and fun it can be once you learn the real reason customers make decisions.

Increase the value of every product
Adding value to every product is the key that will dramatically increase your gross profit.  By properly using this little known technique you can actually make your customers feel good about buying from you at higher prices.

Increase your add-on sales by 50%
One of the most efficient ways to increase sales is to sell more to each customer.  One small change in the way you ask for an additional "add-on" product will more than double the willingness of the customer to make the extra purchase. 

What customers base their decisions on
This premise is so important, yet so unknown, it can make it easy for you to get a positive response without any effort.  You can get hundreds of people making the sale for you with literally no extra effort on your part.

What your customers will pay more for
The only way to know for sure is to ask them.  I have done all the work for you.  I have asked thousands of customers and I have the 8 things they will pay more for.  Once you know what they are you can easily begin to incorporate them into your sales presentation and become the primary vendor to your customer.

Why you will be replaced by a competitor
When a sales person calls on a new customer or one of their existing customers and simply tries to find the needs of that customer, they are actually looking for something that does not exist.  What REALLY motivates your customers to buy?  When you know the answer to this question your sales will take off.

Make it difficult to ask for a discount
Most sales people make it easy for the customer to ask for a discount on nearly everything they sell.  This will stop the moment you put this technique into effect.

Seven words that will make you thousands
If this simple seven word phrase is used consistently it will not only help you make more money, it will double as an ongoing training program that will put thousands of extra dollars in your pocket.

A secret Abraham Lincoln used
Abraham Lincoln's secret has been analyzed and put into a formula that anyone can use to overcome every objection.  It is so simple, yet so effective, you can use it on nearly any objection.

Thomas Edison’s secret strategy
Thomas Edison was a master sales person as well as a highly imaginative inventor.  Many of his selling techniques have been analyzed and put into simple and easy, step-by-step formulas you can use.  This one was his most powerful and effective.

Thousands have changed the way they view sales... and the extra income has changed their lives!

10 minutes a day can double your business
“When I first started with my previous company I had a couple of years in sales, but after taking your course I felt as if I never had a clue about sales. Since I started using this information my sales have doubled.”
Michelle Rider, Macon, Georgia

Old Dogs CAN learn new tricks
“Bob, the old dogs never get to old to learn. Yes, more than anything else in my 33 years of sales and marketing, it adjusted my thinking in a lot of areas that over the years bad habits creep into."
Jerry Seaver, Tulsa, OK

Cold calls – no problem
“The course is awesome and I actually look forward to making sale calls now!!! Even cold calls!!!! I plan to review the course often and to seriously 'digest' your strategies!”
Dee Anderson, Batesville, AR

Makes selling seem easy
“Very informative, hands-on and easy to implement. Clarified the heaps of information surrounding the subject of foodservice sales!” 
Roan Theron

All the professional sales people listed below have contributed to your success.  They have added comments and content that will help you stay motivated, deal with credit and collections, and make you feel confident that you are in the right career.

Thanks again to the 127 industry professionals who contributed to the territory management section of the course!

Oasis Foods Company’ Customer Service and Inside Sales Team Complete Certified Foodservice Consultant (CFC) Sales Course

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Why Foodservice Sales Is The Best Job In The World


If you watch the news nearly any day of the week, you will agree there are plenty of things to worry about.  When prices skyrocket, the stock market tumbles, and customers are worried, most people start to worry about their jobs.   The foodservice industry is not subject to the economic downturns many industries are up against.  People are going to eat no matter what's going on.  Schools are going to feed their students, hospitals are going to feed their patients, nursing homes are going to buy food for their residents and restaurants are going to continue to buy.

As an added value to the course you will get personal advice from over 150 foodservice sales professionals (my friends and colleagues).   Each one will tell you why they believe they have the best job in the world!

Here is a preview...

Scott Yelle, VP Sales, Sysco San Francisco

Foodservice sales is the greatest job in the world because you are able to help people succeed in their business, because you have the freedom and flexibility to create your own schedule, because you have unlimited earning potential, because as you develop great relationships with your customers, they become friends. Wouldn't trade it for the world!

Ray Nicholas, Sysco Division President

I sold meat for my brother for my first year with Newport Meat Co. down South. It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. Gulf war started, gas rationing, you name it, but the reasons I started a career in foodservice sales still holds true for those in the profession.

1. For many sales positions, unlimited income potential. The more you sell the more you make. Obviously this would apply to commission type positions.

2. Extreme levels of freedom. You can usually set your work hours. Extended lunches, leave early start late. If you are successful, you have lots of additional freedoms that are not associated with an office environment.

3. Lots of independence. No boss looking over your shoulder.

4. Sharing the Entrepreneurial spirit without the investment of a business. You can make and do what you choose as long as you are bringing in the "bacon".

Michael Kelly, Sales Professional, Feesers Foodservice, Inc.

I would be glad to give you a couple of ideas about why a career in foodservice sales is the best job in the world... you have helped me without question, Bob!

I have 2 1/2 years of foodservice sales experience, in other words, I am a rookie. I believe that sales is the best job in the world for me for the following reasons:

1. I truly enjoy working with people and helping them make decisions on buying. Successful foodservice selling is proportionate to the relationship that you have with your customers. I cannot pick who I want as a customer, I have to make the sale to all that will buy. Periodic reviews will later decide which customers are truly worth my time.

2. I was a chef for 20 years which has really helped me in my food sales career. You have to really be passionate about selling.

3. I love the fact that I'm on the move each day going where I want instead of sitting all day at a desk job.

4. Only I decide when I will get a raise. If I spend time on planning each day, I will produce sales which not only increases my pay, but gives me the benefits (trips, perks, etc.) that I was working so hard for.

5. Understand that each industry changes at some point, and new approaches to selling are needed. Learn how to adjust to these changes through a course like Bob's. It is really helping me! Thanks again Bob for all of your help!

Gerald "Chip" McFall, District Manager, US Food Service

I believe that a career in foodservice sales is the greatest profession in the world because every great leader started with the sale. He or she is responsible for convincing their followers the path in which to choose, the product in which to buy, the idea in which to invest. Jesus persuaded 12, which lead to billions of sales that followed and a better way of life for billions of people. All the great prophets, business owners, inventors started out persuading a group of people on an idea. Sales and persuasion are the spark that starts every great ventures.

In the food business nothing starts until the first case is sold. No manufacture makes the case, no distributor buys the case, no driver delivers the case, no warehousemen picks the case, no customer resells the case. None of these people receives a paycheck each week until someone persuades another on an idea. The paycheck that keeps the lights on and their children fed.

It all starts with the person brave enough, persistent enough and determined enough to make the first sale.

Michael A. Farha, Sales Professional, Ben E. Keith Foods

Why I believe that a career in foodservice sales the best job in the world. There are so many wonderful things about this business. Every day is a brand new adventure, a new place and new faces. You get the opportunity to work on your own with an incredible amount of freedom and creativity. You are out amongst the people helping them solve their problems by presenting solutions. The chance to compete head to head in a job that absolutely rewards a smart, strong work ethic. You will be paid on job performance.

Matt Browning, Territory Manager, U.S. Foodservice

There are several reasons why a career in foodservice sales is the best job in the world. I have a passion for food and I get to interact with food and food people everyday. I love the fact that I determine my own income. When I was in the restaurant I worked seventy hour weeks and months at a time without a day off. I gave myself to my job and I knew exactly what I was bringing home each week. Now I get rewarded proportionately for my work. Before I could have sat in my office with my feet up, five days a week, clocked out after 8 hours and made the same amount of money. That's just not me.

I love the fact that if I do my job right all of my customer's lives get better. They make more money, have more time, are happier. That is what gets me going in the morning. I love to win. I want to be the best. I want to be better than all my competitors. I want to be better than all my coworkers. I want a guy that's been in the restaurant business his whole life to say about me: "that's the best sales rep I have ever had." I want to be better than I was yesterday, last week and last year. I hate when I walk out of a customer or a prospect and I didn't win every single piece of business in there. Sales is the best job in the world because I have a daily quantifiable ability to be the best.

Tom Wheat, President, Cable Meat Center

"Nothing happens until something is sold." The best product, the best manufacturing facility, the latest technology, the most qualified work force, or all the capital you might possible need – all are standing idle until something is sold.

Sales is the driving force behind commerce. It is an exciting, dynamic, challenging, and at the same time a very difficult task. You are only limited by yourself. The sky is the limit to personal achievement and financial success. Helping customers solve problems and meet their goals builds unique relationships.

I own my own foodservice distributorship. Only about 30% of my time can be devoted to sales. I wish that percentage was more like 70%

Gary Sells, Ginsberg's Foodservice

A career in foodservice sales allows you the independence of becoming as rich as you want to. It allows you to be a self starter. It allows you to be an independent part of a team. It allows you to manage yourself. It allows you to be confident in your OWN abilities. It allows you to sell to whomever YOU want to... It gives you personal freedom and accountability to a team.

Sales IS the best job YOU can have... and selling food is the perfect product line to sell!!

Scott Nicotra, Territory Manager, US Foodservice

The reason why a career in foodservice sales is the greatest job in the world is because day in and day out, we get to help someone! To me that’s what helps me roll out of bed in the morning... I always approach everyone with the "How can I help you today" attitude! Just knowing you have given someone an alternative in life speaks more than money!!

Cori Mazzotta, Regional Sales Manger, Ember Farms

I believe a job in foodservice sales is the best job in the world because you are meeting and developing relationships with new people everyday.  You are helping people by filling their needs with the product or service you sell.  Depending on what sales job you have in the industry, you may get to see the country or even the world.  Lastly because of all of the above I feel that sales is the best job in the world because it does not feel like a job, it is fun

Diane R.Vieira, Regional Manager, Northeast, Ember Farms


- I am a major factor in my own fulfilled Goals and Accomplishments.
- I am continually in the process of learning and training.
- I have the Independence and satisfaction in the balancing of my Professional Career and my Family.

Most importantly, my career in foodservice sales has lead me to meet the most dynamic, strong character and honest group of people. My persistence, ability and character are challenged. These challenges are the times that I am able to reflect on who I am, to realize the dignity and differences of all people and most importantly the fact that a career in foodservice sales can bring you to a place of great satisfaction.

Chesley Wyatt, Director of Training, Ben E Keith Foods

There is no better job in the world then being in foodservice sales and the reasons are simple. A person that is disciplined in their goal setting and expects and wants more this profession provides that. The only competition one has in sales is themselves and when this is realized we only become better.

Terry Miller, Sales Representative, Mid-America Wholesale

This intrigues me because I have often wondered how I ended up in a job I truly love.  I love the competition involved in foodservice sales just as I love sports. You can compete to the death but keep it clean and shake hands afterwards with your rival if you play fair.  The ability to out work out hustle out think and out do your job all depends on yourself.

Being your own boss but not having to run a business and worry about all the finer points like payroll, inventory, taxes and repairs, etc.

Foodservice sales just can’t be beat. The paydays are nice too.

Kenny Siegel, Sales Manager, Swiss Chalet Fine Foods

It was scary for me to think about a sales career in the beginning. I didn’t understand anything about sales. All I thought about was the reputation of car salesmen. Then I realized someone is going to buy something from someone so it may as well be from me!

I believe working in foodservice sales is the greatest career ever. It is more than just a job. It forces you to improve yourself in all areas of your life. The challenge and the opportunities are rewarding financially and monetarily. I have the freedom to set my schedule as well as my income. The more I sell the more money I earn! What a concept!

When people ask what I do to earn a living I tell them I am in the people business. I love sales and I love people, after all they are my species, what a perfect fit. After 24 years in foodservice sales I have never looked back. I am excited everyday to make new friends and make money helping them. If you are thinking about a professional career, foodservice sales is a perfect avenue!

Jonathan Gifford, Sales Manager

Why I believe a career in foodservice sales is the best job in the world:

For me I never really knew what I wanted to be growing up.  It took me 4 yrs in college (getting a degree that has nothing to do with what I do now)  4 years in the army and then it hit me I have a personality that I think will help me succeed in one area and luckily I found my way into foodservice sales.  The truth is the fact that I have a challenge every day.   Sales is not easy and every morning when I wake up I am excited about getting out there and pushing myself into areas I have never been. 

When prospecting no two customers are the same - they all have different bents to certain things.  With that said no two sales are made the same. I can close a sale with this guy real easy but down the road there may be a guy with the exact same need but he is a little harder. 

Challenge, that's what it is all about.  I also really like the fact I do not have a sales manager breathing down my back (of course I am the sales manager now).  When I was on the street I looked at it as my own business minus all the over head, legal fees, employees, etc....  You have the best of both worlds.  I never had an issue with taking off on a Wednesday afternoon around three to go home and play with my son.  I knew I had everything done before that and the truth is I would work twice as hard to get the cold calls in on those days.  (As a sales manager I still have no issue with that if I know my DSR's are doing what is right)  Being in foodservice sales is a great freedom other careers just do not have.  So the challenge, the natural ability to talk to any one about anything (no one has a natural ability to sell - you must be trained), and the freedom I have are the main reasons I have chosen to be in sales.

Terry R. Barr, Category Manager, Brown Food Service

I have worked in foodservice sales for over 35 years and have never regretted it. Where else can you give yourself a raise just by making an extra call a day? Where else do you get the satisfaction of helping someone with a need that fits their desires and makes them happy?

Of course it is stressful, of course you have goals to meet and quotas to meet, but if you are organized, love your work and have product knowledge the stress level is greatly reduced. Selling something is serious work, you are providing a service or product to someone to fit their needs and wants and you must make sure they are happy and refer your service when the product or service does it’s job. Have I had my good days and bad days, yes, but so does everyone else, but as a foodservice sales person, consultant or whatever you call yourself, we have freedom.

Do I love what I have been doing all these years, I love it, and can you imagine, they actually pay me to do it. Sales is the best, we are no longer the peddlers of old, we are consultants and problem solvers. Quite a daunting task and when the customer says “thanks”, you feel good inside and know you did a “job well done”.

I look forward to being part of your success.

Thanks again for your interest.

PS:  There are hundreds of proactive sales people currently going through the course and hundreds more who have earned their certificate and enjoying a great career in the foodservice industry... Are you ready to join them?


Can you picture yourself selling the products and services for companies such as these (a few of my customers)?

Berks Packing Reading PA.  “Within hours after the Bob Oros program one of my regional managers reported a savings of over $5,000 on a contract he was working on. Another reported an increase in gross profit of $1,800, ALSO WITHIN HOURS AFTER THE SEMINAR!”  (Presented a Foodservice Sales Training Seminar, Foodservice Consultant Seminar and a Center of the Plate Sales Training Seminar).
John Boylan, VP Sales and Marketing

Sysco Grand Rapids    “It was obvious the attendees were riveted to you from start to finish. They responded enthusiastically to your humor and entertaining stories. Our entire sales force enjoyed the time you spent with them, we received many notes of thanks for a great meeting and speaker.  Thank you Bob Oros”  (Presented a Foodservice Sales Training Seminar, Foodservice Consultant Seminar and a Center of the Plate Sales Training Seminar).
Jon Myers, VP Sales and Marketing

Sysco St Louis  “An old Chinese proverb says: ‘A single conversation across the table with a wise man is worth a month’s study of books.’ After our meeting the feedback from our sales force is the session you did for us was worth a whole year of studying! It is very rewarding to offer a session to the sales force that they can ‘sink their teeth into’ and hit the streets with something to fall back on when faced with those frightful obstacles that seem to get in the way of their goals. Thank you Bob Oros.”  (Presented a Foodservice Sales Training Seminar, Foodservice Consultant Seminar and a Center of the Plate Sales Training Seminar).
Randy Yerges, VP Sales and Marketing

Nicholas and Company Salt Lake City   “Your enthusiasm and energy has created quite a “buzz” within the company and I am already beginning to see “immediate” overall results stemming from your session. From the moment I started working with you I knew that I had located the individual that could help make a difference.. Your pre-meeting preparedness, program execution and delivery was all very professionally done. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”   (Presented a Foodservice Sales Training Seminar, Foodservice Consultant Seminar and a Center of the Plate Sales Training Seminar).
Jeffrey Jeppesen, Senior VP Sales and Marketing

Crean Foodservice New Zealand  “The success of our conference was largely attributable to the extremely high quality of your Bob Oros Sales and Negotiating presentation. Having a sales trainer of your caliber with specialized experience in the distribution industry was invaluable to our staff. It has been less than two months and already we have started to notice the difference. Here are the results from your presentation. 1. Our sales people are aware of different sales techniques and are experimenting with them. 2. They have a greater motivation to become better at their job. 3. They have an excellent resource (your manual) that they can refer back to. 4. And even better, we have seen an increase in margin!”  (Presented a Foodservice Sales Training Seminar, Foodservice Consultant Seminar and a Center of the Plate Sales Training Seminar).
Nigel Boswell, Managing Director

Evco Wholesale Emporia KS   “It has been a little over two months since Bob Oros conducted training for our sales force at EVCO. I wanted to let you know that in the opinion of myself and our sales representatives, this was probably the best and most pertinent sales training we have ever had. Your presentation not only kept everyone’s attention, but also gave us practical and real life tools to improve sales performances. In the two months since, I received examples every day of your training being put into effect in areas of organization, planning, listening skills, handling objectives and justifying price instead of discounting it.”  (Presented a Foodservice Sales Training Seminar, Foodservice Consultant Seminar and a Center of the Plate Sales Training Seminar).
Bob Wells, Director of Sales and Marketing

Ben E Keith Company Oklahoma City   “We have used Bob Oros as part of our training program for 10 consecutive years and his insight on sales strategies in our industry has been very beneficial to our sales force. I would highly recommend Bob’s program to any company desiring to keep the skills of their Sales Representatives cutting edge.”   (Presented a Foodservice Sales Training Seminar, Foodservice Consultant Seminar and a Center of the Plate Sales Training Seminar).
Kirk Purnell, General Manager, Oklahoma City

Goldberg and Solovy, Los Angeles   “It is rewarding, as a sales manager, to hear twenty year veterans thanking the company for investing in them and their future. It made my day. Your seminar delivers exponential value, to both the individual and the company. The manual works like a DSM, with out the expense account. A few reps have commented on the effectiveness of its information before and after making sales calls. Now I can have a coach in every car.”  (Presented a Foodservice Sales Training Seminar, Foodservice Consultant Seminar and a Center of the Plate Sales Training Seminar).
Terry Morvan, VP Sales and Marketing

Brakebush Brothers Westfield WI    “The response from our entire sales team was extremely positive regarding your presentation skills and content. Your keynote address on selling and negotiating skills was a very fitting conclusion to our meeting. “Everyone enjoyed the humor and real world experience you brought into to the presentation.”  (Presented a Foodservice Sales Training Seminar, Foodservice Consultant Seminar and a Center of the Plate Sales Training Seminar).
Steve Ross, VP Sales and Marketing

US Foodservice Las Vegas  “I would like to take a brief moment to thank you for your excellent presentation at our general sales meeting. I have never had as many positive responses to speakers in the past. It is a tribute to your knowledge, southern charm, and story weaving that held their attention for fours hours! We all know that Gross Profit is the key to our industry, being able to get it and justify it is the tough part. You gave us many ideas and theories to try, and I can’t wait to see the results. I would highly recommend your talents to any and all of our US Foodservice divisions. I can’t wait to have you back again so that our sales force is even better prepared for the daily challenges they face.”  (Presented a Foodservice Sales Training Seminar, Foodservice Consultant Seminar and a Center of the Plate Sales Training Seminar).
Norman Wenzl, General Sales Manager

Quality Meats and Seafood Fargo   “We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Your program took the everyday events of sales interaction and made them the focus of ways to increase sales and profits. You instilled confidence in our Account Reps to be prepared, to plan and to build their territories.”  (Presented a Foodservice Sales Training Seminar, Foodservice Consultant Seminar and a Center of the Plate Sales Training Seminar).
Kenneth Scherber, CEO – Skip Wetzstein, VP Sales and Marketing

Rycott Wholesale Ontario Canada  “I have had many positive comments from both our sales staff and our suppliers about how valuable they felt the training was. We are a small distributor and this was the first time that we brought any formal sales training to our staff. Your real life experience and stories were something that really hit home with everyone. It was great for them to hear from someone that has “been there, done that.”   (Presented a Foodservice Sales Training Seminar, Foodservice Consultant Seminar and a Center of the Plate Sales Training Seminar).
Dan MacEwan, Director of Sales and Marketing

How much is the investment?

Companies have paid over $10,000 to have this training presented to their sale team.  Normally a course like this would cost upwards of $2,000.  Your investment is only a one time enrollment fee of $58.50.  That includes everything.  This is more than 75% off the regular price of $397. 

"I have spent the last 20 years as Executive Chef – last 26 years cooking professionally (Tampa, Boston, NYC, New Hampshire, Colorado, North Carolina) and have spent the entire time on the “buying” side.  Being on the other side of the desk has been a great experience thus far.  Your curriculum proved that no matter how much experience you may have, you learn something new every day (or several things a day in this case)."

Parker J. Stafford

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