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Close more sales, earn more respect, be more persuasive, improve relationships, be more confident, negotiate better contracts...

“One hour after your training a regional manager reported a $5,000 increase on a price negotiation!”  John Boylan, V.P. Sales

“The week following your seminar one of our new sales reps opened SEVEN new accounts!”  Robbie Robert, Division President

“Since I completed your program my sales have doubled!!”  Michelle Rider, New Sales Rep

"Thanks to your training my sales are up 22% and my profit 111%!"  Marty Miller, San Antonio, TX

"Sales continue to grow at an accelerating rate since your training."  Ray Absher, President


Are you tired of laying awake at night worrying about sales?  Are you ready to hunt down the big clients, outsell the competition, earn the big commissions and stop living in fear of rejection, increasing prices and economic conditions?  If your answer is yes, here's the solution!

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One person sold their company for an additional 7 million dollars after learning just ONE of the techniques in this program.  Another saved over $10,000 the day after this training on a software program he was investing in, again by using just ONE of these powerful techniques.

contact me about presenting this program at your next sales meeting


During my entire life I’ve noticed one thing that stops most sales people from being successful.  It’s not a lack of talent, product knowledge, or internal drive. What is it?  For many people, it’s a lack of self confidence.

Remove this self-imposed restriction and limitation by becoming a master in the art and science of your trade: SELLING!

contact me about presenting this program at your next sales meeting

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More comments about the Training

"I’ve been in sales for about 30 years and this course opened my eyes to things I was completely overlooking. I will refer back to it over and over. It’s not only a great source for learning and growing sales, but many of the lessons can be applied to the “game” of life. THANKS, for all your help."
Gary Stuart

"I have to say that after 20 years in sales, you challenged me to go back to the fundamentals of selling, this course was awesome, and I plan to move on with the Master Course I look forward to the reads daily."
Chris Brown, Account Development Mgr

"It has been a valuable time of learning and reinforcement.  Thanks for putting in the hours upon hours necessary to fulfill your passion to make us not only better sales people, but better people who happen to sell.  Each nugget of wisdom and knowledge you have imparted will be used over and over by reps in the many fields of sales on which you touched.  We are all better because of you."
James Ruth

"After giving much thought to your seminar I attended and the course I have just completed I have arrived at this:"

"There were many days in the last 13 weeks when I would grudgingly sit down at my laptop and read through your lessons, grumbling to myself and wondering why I had to do this.  Looking back on it, many of the things you said, I thought to myself, “I already do that, or this has happened to me.”    But the overall feeling that I came away with was this..."

"Thank You Bob, because I’m better off having been through it.  I remembered things I had forgotten, I learned things I never knew, I realized (and I am working on changing) some things that that I shouldn’t be doing and some things that I need to do or need to do differently."

"This may or may not have anything to do with it but 90 days ago all my goals and budgets were in the red, now they are all in the black!  And a lot of that has to be because I changed some things that I learned or remembered while reading through your course."
Steve Quinn

"I want to say that of all the seminars I have attended and sales “training”  I have endured that yours gets down to the brass tacks of the issues at hand. It is kind of like cutting meat. If you leave it untrimmed then you know you did and so do your customers. The course is like this. You’ve trimmed off all the fat and left the core issues exposed. For the salesperson taking the course they can either look in the mirror and ask themselves if they are addressing problems they have or if they are skating by. By taking the time to fully respond, the simple act of writing down your thoughts will help you look at how to improve. For me it has been like cleaning out my shop with an air compressor instead of a broom. It’s a different kind of clean."
Dave Ferren

"Bob, Your course just goes to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks. I learned a lot of useful ideas and techniques from the lessons. Your course can be as helpful to a seasoned sales rep as a rookie. I really appreciate my company providing this training and I appreciate you doing all the work setting up the course and making it available. Thank you."
Larry Edmondson

"I really enjoyed this course! I have learned so much about sales from my DSM, but this course really helped reinforce the principle and ideas I had already touched base on. It is one more item that I can put in my tool bag and use to go out and win the business of the customers in these hard economical times. It was a pleasure getting to meet you and hear you speak in person, it was very enjoyable. Thank you once again and I hope to see you again in the future."
Thanks, Jason Kirouac

"This course reinforced things I already knew about sales however, it also opened up many entirely new concepts to me. Every lesson was interesting. Your ability to explore what drives both the customer and the salesperson is spot on. There are thousands of “How To Sell” type books, videos and seminars available but I have never experienced one better than yours."
Crocker Smith

"I have been selling for 15 years and I have learned more from your training than I have during my entire 15 years in sales."
Greg Nixon

"Bob Thank-You very much for your sales tips, techniques and topics!!!!!!! I feel like I'm getting a dynamite refresher course..and boy am I glad. Your reminding me of the things I take for granted. Not only in business but in my personal life. Thank-You again for the wake-up call I really need and appreciate it from the bottom of my heart."
Patti Rangel

"This program is definitely helpful in addressing the day to day problems faced in the sales industry. I think there is something in this for every employee of a company that sells a service or product, even if their primary responsibility is not sales."
Lisa Lloyd

"I definitely feel like a much stronger sales person. I have greatly enjoyed this sales program. It is amazing how certain lessons just pop up in my thoughts while I am driving around selling. Well designed and well presented! Thanks."
Heath Blanchard

"With this program there is something that anyone can take away and use in their life. You don’t have to be a salesperson to apply some of the principles. It has been nice to read about something new each day. I appreciate the time and effort you take in teaching sales professionals the tricks of the trade."
Suzanne Davis

"I just had my best ever and worst ever weeks back to back with the best being the first week....WOW. I do believe that dealing with the second week which was not good was handled better this time around due to your course I have taken. It helped me to focus on the solutions and the fixes and not the what-if's, could-haves, and should-haves. I was disappointed by the week but was determined to go back out not defeated. This week I am back and beating last years numbers by 18%. It is encouraging to be able to use your course on a day to day basis."
Kathy Dutton

"Bob, I must tell you again that the way this book and program are designed… somehow it increases your ability to's in small doses...and you give stories that further increase the remembering factor. Years ago I studied Ziglar…then more recently the likes of Tracy, Hopkins and Gitomer. However NEVER, NEVER, NEVER like this. Is it on purpose that you've turned the tables around to show us how we can use it to our advantage as buyers? Because that is very effective. We are more naturally buyers than we are sellers. Once we understand the process from that comfortable is EASIER to switch over to our role as salespeople and realize that it's pretty much all the same dynamic, just that we sit in different seats. WAY TO GO BOB!!!!!! Thanks as always..."
Giselle Hudson, Trinidad

"The program was very informative and refreshing in the day to day challenges of sales from all aspects. I found answers that I had been looking for and also brought up issues that at times I have swept under the carpet. There were days that the course content addressed a challenge that I just was confronted with and it helped to get a "fresh" perspective on how I could resolve the situation to make it a win win one for both the customer and I as the sales rep."
Grant Fabre,
Account Manager, Augusta Maine

"These lessons are priceless. This program went through all the lessons I had to learn on the road. I wish this had been offered before I started this line of work. Many of these lessons have helped me overcome issues I still have with this job and has given me a much better prospective on how to accomplish my goals. I am not perfect but these tools will be a huge aid to me as I continue my career in sales."
Thanks. Kirk Ellis

"This program gave me a more positive insight into selling. I had had a negative experience from selling and never wanted to try it again. However, now that I am in a specific line of work, I have to open my mind. This program really taught me a lot and how to overcome any fears/concerns I had."
Nicole Hand

"This was an excellent program. It gave me time to reflect on questions, think about how to be a better sales person and confirm things I am doing that have been recommended."
Theresa Pritchett

"Thought provoking. Challenging. I looked forward to each day to see what  I would learn and I was never disappointed. I would recommend this to anyone in sales and management."
Dave Labelle

"What a great program. I found myself integrating the things we talked about into every day life—not just selling. I get a daily boost and focus that really has made a difference. Luckily, I can go through the course again as many times as I want on my own. Thank you very much."
Thanks Again Ken Agel

"I just read your lesson, "Handling Rejection - Understand Why". Wow! I started my new business a couple of months ago. I refined my business plan, got leads, did a direct mailing, then I was frozen at the follow up call. I didn't have cold calling, or follow up call experience. Your lesson describes exactly how I feel and it has given me the confidence to act like I now have the right to place that call. Thank you for writing it. I really enjoyed it. And you probably made me lots of money because now I'm going to make my calls."
Mike Ryder

"Dear Bob, I do not want the 90 days sessions to end they have been so helpful in putting our jobs in the right perspective. You have helped me so much and if you have any letter campaigns for marketing use I would love to do a 6 or 7 week campaign for no more than 10 top companies then chart the progress. Thank you Bob from the bottom of my heart."
Cynthia Miller

"I think this was awesome. You are very smart about selling. I know that with your help through this 90 day program I am a better sales person. I now have unlimited confidence in myself and my product. Thank you for all your help."
Debbie McClung

"Bob, Your whole program is something that I will be able to use later on or right now!! I have learned so many different ideas from you and I felt that I can sell my service much better by using some of your ideas!!! I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts and quotes through the whole 90 day process!! I will miss your emails and morning reading!!"
Thanks again, Kristi Janoulis

"I have really enjoyed the program. I found it to me informative and motivational. I was already using and/or familiar with some of your techniques, however, the training reinforced what I was doing. I believe that the information contained is beneficial to all sales people, whether seasoned or rookies."
Pat Martin, Buford, GA

"I have enjoyed the program the past 13 weeks. I will keep reviewing the books as often as I can. I think there is a lot of good tools in here to help make me a better salesman. Thank you for coming to our company and helping us. You are right that it takes hard work to make it happen. Its funny though when you work harder and things start to happen you feel a lot better about what you are doing and you have fun doing it."
Rich Berven

"I continue to hear good things about the time you spent with us. Also, our sales have continued to grow at a more than satisfactory and ever excelerating rate. Since I am at a loss to explain our current success, maybe we should contribute at least some of it to your training."
Ray Absher

"Thank you so very much. I have enjoyed and learned a great deal the last 90 days. I will continue to read and re-read and incorporate daily."
Frank Forino, Los Angeles, CA