1  How to negotiate and stop customers from going to a competitor for a lower price?  How many times do your sales people hear it?  “Your competitor is cheaper!”  What is the best response that will make your customers stick with you even when your prices are higher?  Once your sales people see the examples of real life situations they will never again back down from this objection.


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2 Is it part  of a buyers job to negotiate a discount over and over again? Customers want you to think that their entire decision is based on price. Sales people run into it over and over again. Many customers and professional 

buyers pride themselves in being able  to get a sales person to lower their price. Many times they ask over and over again trying to wear down the seller. Once your sales people learn the key to this objection it will become a breeze to work through it.

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3  How do you handle rejection, mistakes and that “lost account“ feeling when negotiating? We all have those days when we hear one “no” after another.  We all                                                                 make mistakes that sometimes cost us the sale, and we all occasionally lose an account.  How do we handle it?  Once you see how to put this in the right perspective it becomes a natural part of the business.

4  How do you sell and negotiate with customers who have no interest in buying from you? “I’m happy with my present supplier.  I don’t need any more sales people calling on me.  I’m buying from a friend of mine.”  There is one sure-fire way to get them to listen.  There is a secret that will work without fail when it is used with the right frame of mind.  You will be able to take business away from the competitors using this powerful selling concept.

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5  How do you negotiate the sale by justifying prices rather than discounting them? How do you justify a price rather than discount it?  It                                                                    looks good on paper, but how does it work in the real world.  Once your sales people understand how easy and effective it is, and what your customers will pay more for, their confidence and sales will skyrocket!

6  If your buyer doesn't fear over paying, what is their biggest negotiating fear? What is the single biggest fear your customer has?  Once you can narrow it down to one word, and picture that word right across their forehead, you will hold the key that will unlock every sale at a higher price.

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7  How do you negotiate with customers who say: “I don’t                                                                                  care about anything but price?” Price buyers are everywhere.  They think that the only way to make money is to buy everything at the lowest price.  Once your sales people hear the story of a master sales person who knew how to use the magic word, overcoming this objection will be a breeze.

8 How many sales people volunteer to cut their price without being asked during a negotiation? Once your sales people learn the number and understand the reason they do it, their gross profit will immediately start to increase. There are psychological reasons why they give a discount before they are asked and all it takes is an explanation of the principle to make the change.

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9  How should you react during a negotiation when a customer is “shocked“ at your price? If you ever                                                                          attended a negotiating course or buying seminar you know that this is the most effective strategy a customer or buyer can use.  It has cost sales people an untold amount of money in lost commissions and lower gross profits.  When you learn how to overcome this your sales people will laugh all the way to the bank! 

10  What  do you do when a customer uses a bait and switch negotiating technique? An unsuspecting sales person can easily be caught by this tactic and end up selling a            small quantity  for a lower price.  Once they hear the stories about this buying trick they will never be caught off guard again!


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11  If you are always getting beat up on price what negotiating mistake                                                                                are you making? Nearly every sales person makes this mistake at one time or another.  Sometimes it becomes a habit and ends up costing them thousands of dollars in lost gross profit.  Once they are shown how to present their price their confidence and gross profit will immediately increase.

12  Is there a way to negotiate a gross profit reduction by increasing your volume? What happens when a customer repeatedly asks for a volume discount?  There is an extremely effective “rule of thumb” that will give your customer a simple choice making it easy to get them to make a bigger order to get the discount, retaining all of your gross profit.






13  What is the best way to avoid falling into the price negotiating trap on your first call? How                                                                          can a sales person keep the customer from dwelling on price during the first call?  What can a sales person say that will make the customer more interested in the benefits rather than simply price?  Your sales people will learn an effective strategy that will make the customer happy to talk about everything except price.

14  What is the best way to negotiate and add value to every product and service you sell? “Sell value added!”  Isn’t that the theme of every sales meeting?  This strategy is so effective your sales people will be so excited about trying this they will immediately start increasing their gross profit.






15  How can you set up the negotiatons so the customer willingly pays more? When your customer asks for a price on a large quantity and you know they are going to ask for a better price, this easy to use technique will enable you to turn the table and make them want to pay more!

16 How should you react when the customer has set the stage in their favor during a negotiation? They make you wait.  They don’t make eye contact with you.  They try to humiliate you so you will lose composure.  When this happens there are five words that will completely turn your mind into a positive selling mode.





17 What should you do when a customer agrees to your price too quickly during a negotiation? You know a request for something is coming.  However, by using this little known adjustment in how you ask for additional items your success will rate will increase by 50%.

18 How do you negotiate something in return in exchange for a price reduction? Your main goal is always to maintain a friendly relationship with your customers.  If you ask in the wrong way for something in return, it might backfire.  You will see how to ask without offending your customer in the least.






19  How do you negotiate price and still maintain a good business relationship? When we are selling to a customer whom we see every week, and sometimes every couple of days, it is important that we learn how to negotiate as a seller, not as a buyer like most courses teach.  Our job is to sell at a fair gross profit without undue pressure.  This effective strategy will always keep you on the side with the customer.

20  How can you act “as if“ you are laying your job on the line when negotiating your price? Sometimes we have to go the extra mile to take care of a customer.  This effective tactic can help you in specific situations such as special pricing or even when working with your credit manager when it is necessary to collect past due accounts.

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21  How do you respond when a customer asks “is that the best you can do? during a negotiation?” You will not only learn how to deal with this objection when it is asked of you, but will see how this question can save you a bunch of money while learning how to deal with people who are trying to sell something to you.

22  What response can you use that will overcome every objection when negotiating? Abraham Lincoln hardly ever lost a case.  What was his secret?  He was the inventor of a selling strategy that has been passed down for all of us to use.  This simple, yet powerful, response will make it possible to overcome any objection a customer or prospect uses for not buying or for trying to get a lower price.

   Why They Sell and How They Stay Motivated 




23  How do you win the negotiations when the competitor’s price is lower than yours? This is a strategy that is used by some of the most seasoned and successful sales people in the business.  A simple statement or question will turn the entire process into a friendly discussion that will end up with you making the sale.

24  When negotiating, why should you never be the one to offer to split the difference? This is a tactic you can use whenever you are buying or selling anything.  The more you practice the right way to handle this situation the more skilled sales negotiator you will become.

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25  What is the best negotiating technique when someone says: “take it or leave it?” Sometimes we have to know when to “cut the line” and let an account or customer go.  However, by using this little known tactic when your customer gives you a ultimatum you will have a good chance of getting the customer back again.

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 How can you remove the “uncertainty” about negotiating on commission? Commission sales is a  scary  business.  Many people are unable to handle the pressure of living without a guaranteed paycheck  every  week.  By using this “blueprint” approach you will be able to be 100% secure in the knowledge that you will make a steady stream of commissions. 

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27  What is a                             proven method for increasing negotiating effectiveness as much as 70%? As much as 78% of your success in sales is determined by how well you are organized and how well you manage your time!  You will learn a new way of goal setting that will keep you selling with laser focus.  You will learn a few simple planning strategies that will increase call effectiveness as much as seventy percent! You will learn how to pull together all your company resources and carefully select and qualify the accounts that will give you the potential of sales exceeding your most aggressive sales plan.

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28  How to avoid the biggest complaints customers have about sales negotiating? What is the one thing 80% of all customers dislike about sales people?  It is likely different than what you think.  Once your learn how to avoid doing this the sale will easily  turn in your favor.

29  How can you get the customer to show you exactly what they want when negotiating? When you learn how to ask certain questions your customers will literally tell you exactly how they can be sold!  There are a few magic questions you can use to gather information that will give you a blue print showing exactly what to do to sell every account .

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 44 Restaurant Owners Reveal Their Keys to Success in the Exciting Restaurant Business




30  How can you negotiate with a new l and never get turned down? There are only two ways to increase your sales. New business and account penetration.  Once you learn how easy it is to call on new accounts using this mindset and strategy you will open all the new business you can handle.

31  What can you say during a negotiation that will have a customer lean forward and ask for more?   A customer makes a decision about a sales person during the first SIXTY SECONDS of a sales call!  During that short period of time 90% of all sales are lost!  Once you learn the most powerful way to open a presentation your customers will lean forward and ask for more!


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32  How to make a presentation that will make it impossible not come up with a win win negotiation? A powerful top secret presentation strategy that will unlock the door to every sale.  According to my research nearly all presentations are based on the wrong thing: trying to find needs.  Here's the problem… buyers don't NEED anything!  When you see how the secret of a persuasive presentation works, you will have the key that will open the door to every sale!   

33  How can you get people to help you negotiate with new prospects? Once you know what customers base nearly every decision on you will easily be able to close every sale at a higher gross profit with hardly any pressure.



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34  How can you turn every objection into a reason to negotiate? After learning how to identify and overcome objections, sales will take off!  Once you understand the REASON buyers give objections, you will understand why objections are the best way to build buyer confidence.  The system includes three types of objections.  SMOKE SCREEN objections used to test you.  Objections to HIGHER QUALITY and objections to PRICE.

35  Four closing strategies that will work help finialize the negotiations? CLOSING is the one skill that separates the amateurs from the pro's! Once you see how effective these methods of closing are, you can literally write your orders in advance! You will  not only learn how to use the most effective closing strategies, but more importantly, you will learn how to build them into your presentation and close with positive expectations.


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36  How can your expectations increase the effectiveness of your negotiation? Knowing what you want and expecting to get it is the key to increasing your sales and gross profit.  This story of a highly effective and successful sales manager will inspire everyone.

37  Why you lose 25% of your negotiations and how to stop it! Only 10% of all sales people follow up to a buyers satisfaction!  You will learn how to be the type of sales person customers want to do business with!  In addition to covering a dozen strategies for staying ahead of the competition the system includes a follow up program that  will help you build a stronger relationship with each and every one of their customers.

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