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21 days to more sales, more profits & more self confidence
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Buy it for less, sell it for more, negotiating
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 your sales by mastering your expectations
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The best kept secret in the world! The repetition of positive or negative words and pictures day after day begins to affect you, for good or for bad. Your mind begins to make you do the things that the words and pictures represent. Nearly every minute of the day you are being controlled. How? By the words and pictures you allow people to put in your mind.
 ISBN   9781300213031
eBook  9781312516687

More Gross Profit: Increase Your Gross Profit On Every Sale Starting Right Now
 ISBN   9781105894466
eBook  9781312557024

Call Reluctance: Lose Those Negative Feelings Keeping You From The Success You Deserve
 ISBN   97813001950541
eBook  9781312513273

District Sales Manager: How to Raise the Sights of Each Sales Person On Your Team to 6 Million
ISBN   9781300209980

Center of the Plate: Comprehensive Course Includes Little Known Industry Secrets
 ISBN   9781312259225

Managing Accounts Receivable: How 54 Sales Professionals Collect Past Due Accounts
ISBN   9781312940178
eBook  9781312740785

Market Your Sizzle Using a Big Outrageous Shocking Positive Wow
 ISBN    9781312833845
eBook  9781312833401

If You Don't Ask: Close The Sale and Get Paid
 ISBN   9781304665713
eBook  9781312507784
Appreciation Motivation: How to Harness the Magical Power of Appreciation 
ISBN   9781312255913
eBook  9781312514904

How They Sold In 1938: Discover 6 Powerful Selling Techniques Revealed in a Rare 1938 Training Manual
ISBN   9781300523031

Restaurant Turnaround: How Your Food Service Operation Can Cut Expenses and Add Revenue Starting in Less than 60 Minutes
 ISBN   9781300092971
eBook  9781312511453
Staying Motivated: Why They Sell and How They Stay Motivated
 ISBN   9781300195054
eBook  9781312897717

Why You Can't Get a Paid
Speaking Engagement

How a non-celebrity speaker can work less, never make a cold call, never answer the phone, never pay anyone to market them and have a consistent six figure income - guaranteed!


Selling Confidential: Ben Franklin's Little Known Scientific Formula Improves Selling Skills 52%
 ISBN   9781312060067
eBook  9781312502994

Ben Franklin's Scientific Program for Prosperity and Self Improvement
 ISBN   9781312829381
eBook  9781312829633
Attitude: Define What You Want and Go After It
ISBN 9781105225932
eBook 9781300052555
Respect: Earn Respect By Being an Expert
ISBN 9781105226670
eBook 9781300052517
Service: Help Customers Build Their Business
ISBN 9781105226755
eBook 9781300052470
Urgency: Be Enthusiastic Get Things Done Now
ISBN 9781105226915 
eBook 9781300052449
Confidence: Remove Restrictions and Limitations
ISBN 9781105226946 
eBook 9781300051466
Persistence: Keep Going and Never Give Up
ISBN 9781105226977 
eBook 9781300050940
Planning: To Get Big Results Set Big Goals
ISBN 9781105222597
eBook 9781300053255
Questions: Ask Questions That Make the Sale
ISBN 9781105222757
eBook 9781300053217
Attention: Make Irresistible Compelling Offers
ISBN 9781105222900 
eBook 9781300053200
Presenting: Give Reasons Why They Should Buy
ISBN 9781105222962
eBook 9781300052791
Objections: Remove Every Roadblock to the Sale
ISBN 9781105223020
eBook 9781300052715
Closing: Ask for the Order and Get Paid
ISBN 9781105225376
eBook 9781300052678
Follow Up: Remove All Hope for Competitors
ISBN 9781105225444
eBook 9781300052630


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